Purgatory of Punishment

by Pestilent

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At last, the anticipated full-length by slam death metal act Pestilent is finally finished and here for y'all listening pleasure! WE OUTCHEA

Mixed by the band and mastered by David Lovejoy. Art by Gruesome Graphx


released July 21, 2016

Pestilent is...
Sam - instruments
Len - vocals

Shoutout to homies: Joseph Karavas, Tijn Bosters, Operation Cunt Destroyer, Cerebral Incubation, Phillip Meyer and the squad.



all rights reserved


Pestilent Netherlands

Ultra gucci turnt up slamming sickness from tha Netherlands, ya hear.

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Track Name: Corpse Extirpation
Eradicate the bloodletting of all components
Transmigration post-suffering
All ruins bear the name of who ruled this land
A finale of decay is what stands before us
Obliterate all those who damned the awakening of Kisin
Corpses lie, they thrive, I laugh at the remnants of those who lived such a life in fear
Track Name: Predation of Inferior Beings
Consuming the remnants of left-behind
Insignificant fate-based shit of life
Born to catastrophe, pulled upon atrophy
Energized beyond the cowards that resisted overthrowing their lord
Dead by false assumptions and prospected fate
The head of messiah
The fractured organ of lamb
Weaving the cold grip
The cold bite of winter
The thick fluid of blood
Gripping your throat, listening to your last muffled gasps
Living and sane, but easily fueled by death and drunk with power
I wield an axe, chopping at your limbs
Now I watch your whole body fall into a bloody gibbed pile
Disgusting insides of a human, you were meant to die
I want your coprse dragged to the slab of the other 22 I killed yesterday
Insinificant and in-search for a non-existent power
It's a pity your journey ends here
Track Name: Sadistic Pre-Murder Envenomation
Storming the crowds, searching for new meat
Capturing the humans at will
New methods of torture
Injecting my prey with venomous plasmatic fluid
Watching their skin strip away as the fluids seap and crawl their veins slowly
I am thrilled with joy watching you die
I can feel my body losing sanity
Sadism and habits of torturing what is left here
I'll place my frustration into my gun, life is an illusion
Your head is blown to chunks now
Track Name: Decomposing Placidity
From the ruins, I arise
To bring torture to those who surround me
Mind full of rage with every thought stepping all within the path I walk
I hate as anxiety consumes my soul
Gripping upon my blade and shotgun dual held in my hands
I see the humans scatter, but they're as good as dead now
Slashed and blasted one by one, gore covers these streets
The ones that escaped will be slaughtered by dusk
Bludgeon them all
Track Name: Rage Kill
[Lyrics by Ian Maggard]
Consciousness besets me
A new life post-waste
Released back into the cesspool of society
I breathe the air, cheeks clenched
As pure rage fills my veins
My vision grows cloudy, emphatic ringing in my ear
I run towards a group of people standing near me
My hands outstretched, a baseball bat appears
With it their heads it collides
Brain matter splattered on the pavement
I must kill
Knife gleaming, blood streaming
Dead bodies everywhere
I cannot be stopped
I am a killing machine
Psychopathic tendencies
I must kill
Track Name: Crows Feast upon Your Carcass
From the vile amounts of pain across this land
The dismay that has covered the complex
Splattered human chunks flood these streets
The sound of feathered wings clapping in the distance arriving in groups to the scene of a destroyed body
The remainder of what is left in me, making the entry-level rupture an uncontrollable urge to withdraw from my string of murders
The sound of feathered wings clapping in the distance arriving in groups to the scene of a destroyed body
The only sound that is heard now
Track Name: Deceased Consummation Lobotomy
I am dead
With every bit of misery that consumes my mind and soul
I am dead
The living, I envy
I must make them feel my pain
With the promises I made Hunhau, I swear everyone will die
Tearing the limbs of my victims
Observing divinity
Drilling holes in the flesh
I must put an end to this desecration
I will end my own life
Track Name: Diaries of Dismemberment
Expulsed to the appropriate degree of catastrophe
I am one with pro-dimension, now I rise with uncertainty
Lividity consumes your soul and makes you numb as time pulls on with visions
Expulsed / to submit more gain
Expulsed / to commit entry
I am repulsed by your appetite to demean everyone you see
Belay my last, dear victim
We will benefit from your suffering someday
We are waiting for you
Lividity consumes your soul as you question the new kin
The fears of time devours forth and no one will hear your words of breath to the nation of lies and treason and we are all victims of remorse
Now suffering is at its pestilent end and you shall witness it soon
We are waiting for you